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Friday, October 12, 2007

Disney Hawaii News

When not fretting over computers, I dream of Hawaiian vacations. Here's some encouraging news from Tiki Talk:

Disney announced that it's building a new resort hotel on the island of Ohau in Hawaii. How the company is going to handle this will be interesting — they've were one of the forces behind the polynesian-pop phenomena of the '50s thanks to the Enchanted Tiki Room — yet all the press about the project emphases how culturally sensitive they're trying to be ... it looks as if the early plans are to build an eloborately-themed, thatched main building with more normal-looking wings radiating out from either side, much like the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World in Orlando. In the pool area there appears to be some kind of erupting volcano, so there's a little bit of kitch in the mix.


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