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Monday, June 23, 2008

Greenpeace Activists Arrested in Japan!

You already know that, year after year, Greenpeace activists put their lives on the line to protect whales. Today, two of our activists are sitting in jail in Japan for their undercover work to expose a stolen whale meat scandal in Japan last month as part of our campaign to save the whales.

Following a four-month undercover investigation, we broke the news last month of a major scandal involving the embezzlement of whale meat from the Japanese government-subsidized Southern Ocean whaling program. Our activists handed over a box of whale meat as evidence of the whale meat smuggling operation, and the Tokyo public prosecutor agreed there was sufficient evidence of wrongdoing.

But early this morning in Japan, our Greenpeace office was raided and two of our activists were arrested. Junichi Sato, 31, and Toru Suzuki, 41, are being investigated on charges of stealing a box of whale meat that they had presented as evidence in the smuggling case.

This is so lame - off to see what I can to to help! You should, too!


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