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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Kenneth W. Reeves, age 82, passed away at his home in Penryn CA on Sunday, September 7, 2008. He is survived by his wife, Katharine; sons Mitch, Matt, Kurt, Robert, and Chris, daughter Jenifer, sister Margaretta, a niece and nephew, and many grandchildren. Ken was born in Alameda, CA. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture. He worked for many years in the Division of the State Architect in Sacramento, designing buildings as diverse as a CHP headquarters in Southern California to academic buildings at San Jose and Chico State Universities. He built his first house in Sacramento, CA, later moving to Penryn. He had a mischievous sense of humor and could make friends with complete strangers in a matter of minutes. He enjoyed walking his dogs, working on his house, being an active member of the Masonic Lodge, and spending time with his family. A private memorial has been held. In lieu of flowers, Ken would have appreciated donations to a local Humane Society for the care and protection of dogs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Save the Earth!

Just testing my new gMail signature. Or as we used to call them a '.sig'

▓▒░ Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail ░▒▓

Smile in the face of dispair

[pumpkin] one smiling & one green
Hey pumpkin,
Come along with me,
Been thinkin'
About some things to see.
Take a look at this and that.
You'll find something That's Cat.
That's Cat, That's Cat.
It means that you like that.
Like an Indian drum or a kiss from your mom.
Or gettin' somethin' under your hat.

Parking Wars

13 minutes in and out of the DMV - very easy to find (except I missed it
and had to make a left and u-turn and then a right to get back to it -
till got in at 8:58). Of course, it turns out I have to buy a faculty
parking permit to use it. I got the $2 one today and have to bring my
checkbook tomorrow. sigh.

It is downright chilly.

Time to rethink the Starbucks PSL??


Halloween is here

[pumpkin] Scarebucks

Well at Target and Michael's anyway. I would pish and posh about the early arrival but I am guilty of buying the latest [?] flavor of Kisses: Pumpkin Spice.

Still have not felt the need for a Pumpkin Spice coffee at Starbucks, yet. Some things HAVE to be saved until it gets cold outside.

Monday, September 15, 2008


yeah, I got my snack but I was for about 2 minutes a little afraid it was
going to be a disaster. but boy am I near dead after two classes back to
back. Takes me an hour to recover.

time for tomato and turkey, good thing I am not drinking tang :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Giveth and Takeath Away

Buy a qualifying Mac and iPod with your Apple education discount from June 3, 2008, through September 15, 2008, while supplies last, and be eligible for a rebate (view Terms and Conditions for exact rebate amount).

iPod models introduced on September 9, 2008 are not eligible for this promotion.

Friday, September 05, 2008

DNC is a Funny Bunch

I was browsing the iTunes Store for speeches I missed of the Democratic National Convention and while I could not get the Al Gore (audio) to work, I was able to grab the video version. Had to laugh at the musical introduction as the Nobel Prize winner took the stage: The 5th Dimension's "Let the Sun Shine In"

Cute guys, very cute.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin's Future Son-in-law

Well I would say that young boy's life is just about over. 18 and now you are known as they guy who knocked up the Republican VP's daughter.

Lucky for both of them that they are not out on the street on their collective ears. McCain is strongly against sex education and Palin is against ANY for of abortion - what would happen if these two kids we NOT from a middle class family who (on the surface) looks willing to let her stay at home???

Oh Apple, Why Do You Taunt Me

As you may know, Apple is running a back-to-school sale where you get a free iPod or iPod Touch when you buy a new Mac. I was intrigued when I heard about it and then I was excited as my PowerBook G4 was starting to succumb to the dreaded 'Orange Ribbon Cable' disorder more and more frequently.

So after a quick look at the back account I decide, the time is right. As a point of reference, my last Apple purchase was new albeit close-out/ fire sale iMac rev.b - $999 at CompUSA.

The sale runs thru the 16th and now I hear Apple has an 'event' planned on the 9th:

So now what?! Guess I go back to the wait and see mode, for the next few days anyway.