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Thursday, August 27, 2009

real life adventures

PostIt® blog-toon

Numbers two three and four are all based on real-life events. Not sure where the upper left one came from but sounds like something I would say. Recently been having less funny comments made by others - it's like a oil well has dried up....

Should draw more cats like the Monday panel, why did I stop?

eBook reader

So Sony has added an AT&T cellular modem to their newest book reader. Sounds like a good thing, the check out books from the library sounds even better. We did that once with a Frommer's Guide, no sense in paying for a book we'll use just the one time and didn't have to carry the whole book while on holiday.

That was a PDF file, though and was readable on a Mac or a PC.

Me, I still like the feel of a real book.

Borders Birds

bomb closes diridon station

and we are all at home waiting for EFSR.

Baby Bullet Skipping a Stop

I need a new shoe

Went for a walk around the blocl last night - who new there were so many friendly cats. A Clover-clone who almost demanded a tummy rub (and who we thought for sure was going to follow us home), a ginger cat who was almost as friendly - they came off their porch for a scratch, and Mr Francis who was fleeing? raccoons and was trapped by an unknown b&w kitty. Stepping between them seemed to beak the stalemate.

And the shoes? White sandals now too big for the feet.

Halloween 2004